Mr. Duran at the George Lopez concert, Gibson Amphitheater, 6/12/05

George Lopez

Cheech Marin

Los Mas Chingones


"Thee Mr. Duran Show" at the East L.A. Christmas Parade 2004

Constance Marie of "The George Lopez Show"

Rudy Salas of Tierra & actress, Lupe Ontiveros

Little Willie G. of Thee Midniters and Rudy Salas

Mr. Duran & his co-hostess, Lydia Dominguez

Constance Marie & Belita Moreno of "George Lopez" and Lupe Ontiveros

Valente Rodriguez of "George Lopez"

The cast of "George Lopez"

(left to right) Bobby Espinosa of El Chicano, Lupe Ontinveros, Little Willie G., Belita Moreno, Constance Marie, Rudy Salas, and Valente Rodriguez

Mr. Duran and his co-hosts, Lydia Dominguez, Joanna Salas & Tina Jimenez

Mr. Duran and boxer, Mia St. John

Mr. Duran and radio legend, Art Laboe

Lydia & Little Dickie

Mr. Duran's co-hosts, Rey Garza, Lydia Dominguez & Little Dickie


Mr. Duran at a fundraiser for Manny Gonzalez of the Blazers,

at the Taste of Texas in Covina, CA

Mr. Duran interviewing David Hidalgo of Los Lobos

Co-host, Rey Garza & David Hidalgo of Los Lobos

Mario Lobato of Thee Rhythm Kings & David Hidalgo

Manny Gonzalez of the Blazers and Little Dickie

Manny Gonzalez & Mario Lobato

Little Dickie having a margarita